YG Interview With Village Voice

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Check out YG’s interview with The Village Voice, where he speaks on how California has influenced his raps, writing rhymes and more.

So where in California are you from exactly? How did that influence your raps?
I’m from Compton, but we say Bompton. That’s all I rap about, as far as what I see. I decided to make my music about things that I personally go through and my friends go through.

Reality rap.
Yeah. Actually, that’s the perfect label for it. Because that’s all I’m about. I appreciate other types of music, but as far as what I’m making and what I want to be known for, that’s it. Reality rap is it. That ratchet sound, I don’t fuck with it. We just make music for my lifestyle and how we live. Reality rap, bruh. Some of these fake artists should be sued for false advertising.

So you had an interesting introduction to writing rhymes. Care to tell people about that?
Some dissed me on a song and I heard it so I responded. It was some high school clique shit and we was already beefing with each [other]. It wasn’t like real beef because we kind of knew each [other]. But the one kid who made the record, he ain’t really know me like that. So I’m like, “I don’t know this nigga, hold on.” He can name the other niggas because he knew them but I took offense when he said my name because I didn’t even know him. So I responded.

Did the fake beef ever get serious?
At first we was going back and forth at each othe,r but we had friends in common who called us both and got us to end the beef. But I liked rapping so, after that, I kept making music. Then I stopped going to school so i decided to make music full time. Well not full time, I was still doing crime.

What did you end up going to jail for?
Residential burglary. I was looking at two years, but I did 6 months instead. I remember being in jail, promising myself I wasn’t going to ever steal a single thing again. Jail is not for me.

So how did you end up on Def Jam’s roster?
I got signed in 2009 when I was fresh out of jail. While I had been locked up my MySpace page was blowing up because of my songs. So while I’m in jail my moms told me labels was calling up. I’m sitting in jail and my shit is buzzing and niggas biting my shit and getting their songs on the radio, totally taking my lyrics and ideas. So when I got out I took a meeting with Def Jam and with Atlantic. I ended going with Def Jam just because I was more familiar with them as a brand.


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