YG Interview With Complex Magazine

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Interview: YG Talks Building Buzz, Working With Young Jeezy, and Growing Up in L.A.

Check out YG’s latest interview with Complex Magazine where he speaks on his latest mixtape, upcoming projects and much more.

On Growing Up in L.A.:

“I was born in Compton, raised all through the city of Los Angeles. I went to Paramount High School, Mayfair High School, all types of high schools. I’m not a high school graduate but it’s all good. I grew up with my moms and pops, pops was in jail for like three years. I was already doing what I was doing but my pops was always the one that was on my head about shit. When he went to jail, I just went ham. That’s when I really started gang banging and all that, I was like 15.

“From there I just been in the streets doing what I do. I went to jail for residential burglary, I got a strike and I was 19 years old. I came home from that and got signed three months after that. That’s when the “Toot It and Boot It” track happened, and “Toot It and Boot It” was a record I wasn’t really fucking with. This was back when MySpace was cracking, I had millions and millions of views on my MySpace. Everybody that was in high school in LA had my shit on their MySpace page. But “Toot It and Boot It” was the one that took off, and when that took off everybody thought I was a one hit wonder.”

On Working With DJ Mustard:

“Mustard’s been my DJ since the go. “Toot It and Boot It” took off and everybody thought I was a one hit wonder. Everybody was like,  ‘What the fuck is YG going to do next?’ I’m like, ‘Damn, what am I going to do.’ Because Ty produced “Toot It and Boot It,” but at the time, me and Ty had stopped working. We were working, and then he started being on his artist shit, because at first he was just producing for me. I didn’t really having no music like that, so Mustard was just like, ‘Fuck it’ and we started going in. That’s when we did Just Re’d Up—and I had “Bitches Ain’t Shit,” “I’m Good,” and “Up” on there. I followed up with another mixtape, 4 Hunnid Degreez, and I was on the Tyga tour last year, the Mac Miller tour, I did my own tour and then I came with this tape, Just Re’d Up 2.

“[Mustard’s] style—he starts making beats to highlight my music, that’s how he started off and we just kept going over how I like my shit. Now it’s just a sound and Mustard is doing his shit with it.”


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