Best of Alessia Cara: Subscribe here: I thought I'd shoot this one in my room since the song is about my bedroom walls. Although they're not pink anymore, I still feel the same when I sit and stare at them. here's me changing outfits in my four-used-to-be-pink-walls. directed by: Alessia Caracciolo edited by: Alessia Caracciolo produced by: Alessia Caracciolo cast: Alessia Caracciolo lighting: Alessia Caracciolo wardrobe: Alessia Caracciolo catering: mom location: home Movie maker skills: Alessia Caracciolo total budget: per diems Download Know-It-All: iTunes: Google: Amazon: Stream on Spotify: Get Alessia Cara merchandise: Sign up for Alessia Cara’s email list and get exclusive updates: More from Alessia Cara:



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