Trinidad James Interview With SPIN Magazine

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Trinidad James

Check out Trinidad James’ latest interview with SPIN Magazine.

Where’d you get the puppy you’re carrying around in the “All Gold Everything” video?
A friend of mine, who was standing right next to me when I was getting ready to shoot the video, he had his dog in his hands. I was, like, “Hey, gimme that dog.” It’s a pitbull. I’m not sure if it’s mixed.

How big is it now?
Huge! [Laughs] That’s why he won’t be in any other videos. It’s not the same feeling anymore. He’s all huge. When he was small, and a good size, it’s like, “Okay, it’s cool.”

The first line on your mixtape is, “When I was a young’un, I always had a hustle.” So what was one of your hustles?
In elementary school, I used to print out JPEG images of Dragon Ball Z characters and sell them. I would get two dollars, one dollar. It’s funny because you could say, “You’re selling pictures? Somebody else could just print out a picture.”

Speaking of money, what’s something you’ve already blown part of your advance on?
Nothing, I haven’t bought anything crazy. I haven’t even bought a car yet. A lot of people don’t understand just how much work it is to do music.

How do you respond to people complaining that you’ve gotten famous after rapping for less than a year?
I don’t say anything. Nobody’s ever said it to my face. A lot of people say it online, on Twitter and Instagram and all that type of bullshit, but ain’t nobody said it to my face. I always feel that God don’t give you nothing that you don’t deserve.


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