The Source Interviews Young Jeezy

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The Source drops the first part of their interview with Young Jeezy…

When was the last time you spoke to Meech?

I just spoke to him when I went to go see him. That was a few months ago. He’s good.

Do you still feel like you have to make music for him too?

I feel like I have to make music for all of [my peoples incarcerated] cause they live through me. They listen to my words. Behind those walls time goes slow as shit. I remember when I was doing my little [bid], I was listening to Pac’s “Dear Mama.” It’s like those type of records that touch you a little more when you sittin’ still. That’s for anyone locked up.

How does it feel releasing an album post-BMF era? It’s all on you now. Do you feel like there’s more on your shoulders?

Nah, I feel the same as I did back then. Them was the homies and that’s how I was moving, we was rolling. It’s the same for me…actually it’s a little better now cause I can show motherfuckers how I’m built to last. I believe in me. It’s been quiet. Even with the mixtape dropping, people are like “Damn can he do what he do?” I have to show em again. I came up as a little one on my own. I never depended on no support system or nothing like that. I always made a way. All my homies know that about me, since day one. So now is my time to show the world that’s what I really do. Like when times get tough Young get going. From what they been hearing, they’re gonna know the real. I’m not calling it a comeback story. I look at the Chris Brown thing the same way. Homie been through a lot, but he put out a good album. They had to respect it again.

So Jeezy rocks Chris Brown’s album?

Yeah. But I say all that shit to say, you’re only a hit record away and I make hit records. I tell anybody, I’ve seen this game. It’s like the streets. When you popping all the bottles and driving all the cars, everybody wants to hang around you.  You don’t pop no bottles, drive no cars nobody want to hang with you. Just like music, put out them hit records everyone wants to be in your face. You chill for a minute, niggas gonna go hang with the next nigga with the records out. I get it. Guess what? I got some new hits nigga. It’s crazy cause I need the doubt. That what got me here. Let me tell you a quick story. There was this chick in my hood, a little older you know. Light-skinned, bad, drove a little Corsaca. I tried to talk to her once. She was dating an older guy, who was doing a little hustling. I was about 14, she was like 15. She wouldn’t talk to me. I rolled past her house every day on my way to school and I used to tell myself, I’m gonna come up and get her. I used her as motivation, every day. Don’t you think she want me now?


You ever get her?

Nah man. She want me now, though.

How do you feel about fans that can’t differentiate between fiction and non-fiction?

I don’t need a motherfucker to tell me I’m real cause I know what I been through. Some people can articulate it better than the average cat because they haven’t lived it, they’ve seen it. I get it but it’s entertainment. You gonna tell Tip shit ain’t real? My man is locked up. People may think he’s just doing some time like it’s cool but two years ago he was a superstar on top of the world. That’s a hell of a reality check. But that’s where he went with it because he felt like he was real. But that’s real to me. You rap about it but are you willing to sit down for it? Let me tell you, the rap game is the new street game. Ain’t no more work. Niggas is rappin’ now.

What made you sign Freddie Gibbs?

I wanted someone from out that way. What I liked about Freddie is that he already has his own grind. He was already moving. I went to a couple shows, he was on tour with Big Sean or someone like that. It was crazy, he had a real base like they reciting his words. It was crazy like you have this kid from Gary, Indiana and he’s moving around the whole world. Like he’s set up in LA I’m like hold up. He just needs someone to say like… people ask me all the time.  With music you’ve got to listen to what the artist is saying cuz I feel his pain in his records.  His pain is different from mine, cuz you know I was never the stick up man.  That’s what he do. When you look at Gary that’s their culture. I’m a city nigga, we get money. I might be the ‘make it rain man.’

Which rappers are you a fan of?

I like niggas like Boosie, Yo Gotti them type of niggas. By the way, they like me. They aint going no where. Cuz he stay true to him. Its those type of cats that got that authenticity. Like they stay right in the pocket. They do shit, it might come across a little big but they’re still good at what they do.  You said it best. A lot of niggas are trying to make the records that I make. But I already made them. I got a catalog, historic records. I haven’t heard a better street record than Trap or Die. I haven’t. I haven’t heard a better street record than “Realest Nigga”, I haven’t. I haven’t heard a better street record than “Airforce 1’s”. I’m just being for real. You want to keep it real, we chopping it up.

So let’s keep it real. You had the record “Airforce 1’s” and MMG has the record “Snapbacks and Jordans,” which is all standard D-Boy uniform. It makes me wonder if MMG’s success motivates you to want to go harder with CTE?

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