The Source Gives Big Sean’s “Hall Of Fame” 4 Mics

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Today, The Source released their review for Big Sean’s upcoming album, “Hall Of Fame” which will be available on August 27th! Below is an excerpt from the review!

“Hoe, shut the f-ck, up!”

That’s how the argument between Big Sean and his critics ended, very early—2 a.m. to be exact—on the morning of Thursday, August 1st. It was a contentious conversation that lasted quite a few months, after “Guap”—which most chalked up to be a lazy follow-up to his last rap hit of the same concept–was released late last year, and his guest verses on a couple noteworthy mainstream cuts (Pusha T‘s “Who I Am,” The-Dream‘s “Pu**y”) couldn’t hold a half-lit candle to his previous contributory work from just one year prior. It was an up-and-down time, professionally, for Big Sean, who, in the midst of holding his own on a compilation album jam-packed with stardom (Cruel Summer), and dropping one of the year’s most critically acclaimed mixtapes (Detroit),couldn’t seem to get his sophomore album off the ground. So, after cutting Drake‘s “All Me” chorus short on August 1st, and screaming the aforementioned phrase with conviction in a tone dripping with ironic comic relief, it appeared Big Sean had grown tired of the bad rap (no pun intended) he’d garnered over the past 8 or so months of being the ‘talented guy who never applied himself.’ He waltzed onto that Key Wane instrumental with the air of an artist who’d just received his umpteenth platinum plaque, or Grammy Award (or whatever hyperbole of an acknowledgment will make this analogy work for you), and walked off of it so confident in his performance that at his public Hall Of Fame listening party he joked (though he may not have been joking at all), “I can get on a song and out-rap Drake.” The question August 27th will pose to Big Sean, is not can he out-rap the next man–for this is the second time in his career he can boast of out-rapping Drake in any capacity, twice, and he’s the only artist I can think of who can comfortably claim such–but can he out-rap himself. We knew this kid could spit, from the first time we heard him damn near over a half-decade ago. We knew he could craft catchy hooks, and great songs, but can he make an impact with his pen, or would he be remembered as the dude who could do everything well, but had the potential to do these things that much better?

Key Wane throws the first pitch on Hall Of Fame, Big Sean’s sophomore—and by all indications, career defining—album, and right away, as Sean steps up to the plate, you can hear the difference. Not in the rapping style, which does seem more refined, polished and focused, but in the delivery and purpose. Rather than attempt to rap circles around an opponent invisible to everyone but himself, Big Sean takes a more deliberate route, delivering each bar, and subsequently, each verse with significantly more conviction. “Nothing Is Stopping You” serves as the album’s intro, complete with back-up screwed Pharrell vocals, and fans of Detroit’s intro, “Higher,” will find themselves in a similar position: beside the effervescent character of Big Sean who in turn finds himself in the strangely familiar company of self-reflection. Sean paints a picture of his earliest memories of becoming a rapper, even re-enacting the moment he rapped for Kanye without interrupting the verse. It’s a rather flawless effort, to say the least, and the transition into “Fire” sounds like a scene from Kanye’s Graduation album, with the moody but confident bass line Key Wane laid giving way to the triumphant and celebratory piano keys of “Fire.”

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“Hall Of Fame” Available Everywhere August 27th!

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