The Reviews Are In, Critics Love Frank Ocean’s “Channel Orange”!

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“Amid the gentleness of Frank Ocean’s major-label début, ‘channel ORANGE,’ there are moments of intensity and grim wisdom…His lyrics are like nothing else in pop…exquisite and painful…’Channel ORANGE’ sounds unrelentingly warm and even, sequenced in a way that forms a narrative arc, and Ocean’s voice is relaxed, combining powerful high notes and a hazy mid-range…’Channel ORANGE’ reinvigorates R. & B. by flouting the rules of the genre…. virtuosic…”

ROLLING STONE: “A distinctive voice with no real analogue in R&B, or anywhere else in today’s pop.” (4 stars)

PEOPLE: “”This is not just the best debut of 2012 – it’s the best album period”

NEW YORK TIMES: “Channel Orange, his beautiful first full-length studio album, is rife with the sting of unrequited love, both on the receiving and inflicting ends. Mr. Ocean, 24, is an extremely unflashy songwriter, avoiding big proclamations and broad brush strokes, instead leaning on conversational gambits and the power of detail. He makes warm, cloudy soul with echoes of Stevie Wonder, Prince and Pharrell Williams…”

THE FADER: “Frank Ocean’s Channel Orange Is Awesome”

PITCHFORK: “Frank Ocean has quickly proven himself to be among the most gifted singer-songwriters of his generation. His major-label debut swings from Stevie-style keyboard breeziness to 90s bap&B to mystic psych rock to crunching 8-bit funk without thinking twice. It already feels like a classic.” (Best New Music)

TIME MAGAZINE: “Frank Ocean pours his heart out on Channel Orange…a brilliant release sure to top many “Best of” lists…emotionally rich…a tour de force…a virtuoso on the rise.”

LA TIMES: “The overall beauty of ‘Channel Orange’ …a vivid snapshot of the twentysomething experience in Los Angeles…a young artist with an ear for thoughtful, brave, witty, imaginative storytelling, a strong voice and keen sense of the world in which he’s found himself… a quiet, if tempestuous, storm, filled with muffled beats, whispers, perfectly placed arrangements… artistic courage can beget true change, especially when the creation beneath it tells such an engaging story.”

WASHINGTON POST: “After a few listens, it feels as if it landed years ahead of time…At 24, Ocean shows a sure-footed confidence that took many of his forebears years to summon…it’s Ocean’s poise as a lyricist, vocalist and producer that feels so arresting. Re–imagining the melodic sensibilities of Marvin Gaye and Stevie Wonder and the evaporated song structures of D’Angelo, Maxwell and Erykah Badu, he’s forging his own brand of neo-neo-soul… an album best experienced with your eyes closed. Listen carefully and the plot will unfold on your eyelids.”

ENTERTAINMENT WEEKLY: “If Southern California needs an avant-R&B soundtrack, let this be it: Ocean’s hypnotic major-label debut plays like an indie movie, with songs about sun-faded palm trees, cokeheads in Polo sweats, and strippers in Cleopatra makeup. (Think Drive by way of baby-maker-pop maestro Maxwell. )

BILLBOARD: “This 24-year-old is lapping his peers and setting the blogosphere ablaze because of the fearlessness in everything he does. … ‘Channel Orange’ presents a complex view of American life from the mind of superbly talented writer and vocalist…Ocean’s irrepressible spirit carries all 55 minutes of this opus…”

NPR: “[Nothing] quite prepares a listener for the beautifully moody music that dominates his new album…Channel Orange reminds me of early Kanye West on The College Dropout, or early Joni Mitchell on Clouds. The songs are confessional yet guarded, alive to all sorts of musical and lyrical possibilities, working in a number of genres within the space of a single composition, alert to both dream imagery and realistic observations of the world around him… a lushly detailed album that’s more open to the world than the work of many people his age. Then he dives deeper inside his head and shares all that hope, desire, confusion and ambition with you, too.”

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