“The-Dream’s Protege Electrik Red Hit The Road With Lil Wayne” – Read Article Inside.

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Lady power on crack — that’s a proper description for Electrik Red, an edgy quartet of sexy women who know what they want, and more importantly, how to get it.

Sarah Rosete, Lesley Lewis, Kyndra "Binkie" Reevey and Naomi Allen make up the L.A.-based group, and although they’ve all had extensive careers as background dancers for megastars like Usher and Janet Jackson, it was only a matter of time before they made the push for the limelight.

“Before our dance careers, performing was something that we did naturally,” affirms Leslie, who says they met on the party scene in L.A.

Their debut album, (due out in April), which was written and produced by The-Dream and Tricky Stewart, showcases a playful sexual energy, a tangible brand of femininity that frankly, the industry has been missing since groups like Vanity 6 disappeared from the music scene. The group walks a fine line between being ladylike and risqué. The electric and raw, “Drink In My Cup” and flirty, “Friend Lover,” might push the buttons of conservative listeners — not that they care. They’re all about showing the complexity of women, even if it ruffles some feathers.

"From Madonna to Angela Davis — the spectrum [of womanhood] is so broad,” Binkie says. “In the ‘50s it was about supporting your husband, in the ‘70s they were burning bras, now you have M.I.A. performing pregnant on the Grammys.”

Sarah agrees. “I think being sexy is about being confident, whatever that means for you,” she says. “We’re talking about real-life situations, this stuff actually goes down. We just chose to be the girl group to speak on it.” –Jacinta Howard

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