The-Dream’s New Album, “IV Play” Available Now on iTunes!

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The-Dream’s brand new album, “IV Play” is available now on iTunes!

Click here to Download “IV Play” (Deluxe Edition) on iTunes.
Click here to Download “IV Play” (Deluxe Edition) on Amazon.

Atlantic Division Music
Atlantic Division Music

ey brother!!!! maybe you don't like Electro House but it is good knowing each other about Music.... and really I thank you the recomendation but.... It is NOT my genre!!!!

hope you are in Control.... jejejejejeeeeee!!!!

let's do it!!!! and.... let's do it well!!!!!

please.... take SO MUCH CARE to my Sweetie!!!!!!!

a enormous Hug Brother!!!!! by the way.... ask Beyonce if She is free to get into the vast Universal network of Artists of Atlantic Division Music....

In Andromeda are the best singers but I am going to try to get from Earth who will be the Universal Supreme Singer.... I think the next one is going to be my Sweetie!!!!! A SO MUCH CELESTIAL VOICE!!!!!!!

here it is my instagram.... consult sometimes.....

David / DJ Zafiro DSP

I keep this page!!!! @Atlantic Division Music