Seth Rogen & James Franco – “Bound 3″ (Kanye West “Bound 2″ Parody)

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If Kanye West can refer to himself as a genius, then the duo of Seth Rogen and James Franco have to be refered to as comedic geniuses for their latest remake of Kanye West’s new video “Bound 2″, titled “Bound 3″.

Practically remaking the entire video, frame for frame, Seth takes on the role of Kim Kardashian and James on the role of Kanye West in this hilarious parody which Kim and Kanye themselves couldn’t help but crack up while watching.
Screen Shot 2013-11-26 at 3.31.48 PM

Click play and laugh along to this hilarious remake of “Bound 2″, “Bound 3″.

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