Rick Ross “Mastermind” Listening Event In ATL

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Rick Ross’ upcoming album, Mastermind is on the way and last night he had a listening event for the project in Atlanta. Guests included Lyor Cohen, DJ Drama, T-Pain and many more! Check out the photos below.

PAW_8531 PAW_8575 PAW_8628 PAW_8635 PAW_8649 PAW_8650 PAW_8654 PAW_8657 PAW_8660 PAW_8661 PAW_8667 PAW_8673 PAW_8675 PAW_8702 PAW_8727 PAW_8737 PAW_8738 PAW_8748 PAW_8767 PAW_8785 PAW_8827 PAW_8985 PAW_8994 PAW_9009 PAW_9014 PAW_9015 PAW_9026 PAW_9038 PAW_9062 PAW_9067 PAW_9070 PAW_9080 PAW_9128 PAW_9144 PAW_9146 PAW_9163 PAW_9179 PAW_9184 PAW_9243 PAW_9245 PAW_9248 PAW_9346 PAW_9357 PAW_9359 PAW_9375 PAW_9403 PAW_9412 PAW_9418 PAW_9421 PAW_9431 PAW_9443 PAW_9445 PAW_9454 PAW_9474 PAW_9477 PAW_9505 PAW_9506 PAW_9509 PAW_9550 PAW_9554

Rick Ross ‘Mastermind’ Available Everywhere March 4th!