How I Got Over

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Jon Pareles, writing for The New York Times, called the album “a serious deliberation on perseverance: a message for an era of recession”, stating “Even in its boasts, How I Got Over is selfless: an album of doubts, parables and pep talks”.James Shahan of URBfound it “dark and tragic in places, but also enlightening and empowering”.Matthew Fiander of PopMatters called it “a timely, and honest, record about making it through tough times” and commended its “unified feel”. Spin‘s Charles Aaron said that “you’d have to rewind early-’90s Scarface or Wu-Tang for such convincingly cold-eyed hip-hop existentialism”. MSN Music’s Robert Christgau praised the rappers for expressing “garden-variety upper-middle-class anxiety … directly, thoughtfully, eloquently, and entertainingly”, and wrote that the Roots “up the ante and confront those anxieties with a fortitude and even optimism embodied by Kamal Gray’s keyboards, never my idea of this band’s strength, and, especially, ?uestlove’s drums”. He later called it the Roots’ “most substantial” album.