Return of the Product

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Return Of The Product is the solo debut album of American hip hop rapper MC Serch, released August 25, 1992 on Def Jam Recordings, after Serch had made two full-length albums with the group 3rd Bass. It was for the most part commercially ignored and only reached number 103 on the Billboard 200, however it was a critical success. It featured one popular single, “Here It Comes/Back To The Grill” which reached number 1 on the Hot Rap Singles chart as well as becoming a Billboard Hot 100 and Rhythmic Top 40 hit. The song “Back To The Grill” is notable for featuring a young Nas in one of his first appearances on record. The title of “Back To The Grill” is a reference to the 3rd Bass track “Kick ’em In The Grill”.