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R.U.L.E. is the sixth studio album by rapper Ja Rule, released November 9, 2004.[6] It debuted at #7 on the Billboard 200, moving about 165,000 units in its opening week[7] and has been certified Gold in the US.[8] It marked a successful return to the charts after many feuds with other rappers. It spawned the top 10 song “Wonderful” featuring R. Kelly and Ashanti; the top 20 song “New York” featuring Jadakiss and Fat Joe, and the song “Caught Up” featuring Lloyd. This is Ja Rules last album to be released on Irv Gotti’s label The Inc. Records.

The album was also made in a heavily edited version removing profanities and drug/violent content: it removes the skits “Weed” and “Stripping Game”. The skit “True Story” was left in and the constant use of “fuck” was backmasked. This version is the most edited album he made next to his previous album Blood in My Eye. Since the release of R.U.L.E., Ja Rule has taken a long hiatus from recording solo albums; however has made many appearances on songs by other musicians and released one album for free on the internet.