Baby Makin’ Music

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Baby Makin’ Music is the 30th album released by The Isley Brothers on the Def Soul Classics imprint on May 9, 2006. Their first for the Def Jam-affiliated label, the album peaked at No. 5 on the album charts based on the R&B chart success of the first single, “Just Came Here to Chill”, and the R. Kelly duet, “Blast Off”, which is the only collaboration with Kelly on the album, after single-handedly producing their last album, Body Kiss. Other producers included Gordon Chambers, Jermaine Dupri, Tim & Bob and Manuel Seal. Except for two songs (“Forever Mackin'” and the suggestive “Give It to You”), much of this album is dedicated in love to Ronald Isley’s new wife, Kandy Johnson, of his background singing group, JS (Johnson Sisters). He even steadfastly claims in “Just Came Here to Chill” that he’s not into playing the Mr. Biggs part and he’s “just Ronald Isley” while the couple decided to spend time together at home. The album closer, “You Help Me Write This Song”, which was co-written by Isley, was played at his and Johnson’s September 2005 wedding.