Pusha T’s 30 Greatest Double Entendres

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XXL Magazine has made a list of Pusha T’s 30 Greatest Double Entendres.

Pusha T is a word whiz. Sure the brash, all-white-everything content is buried in his lyrics (“Culinary chemist, I serve the malicious”—“I’m Not You”) but P’s ability to fill his rhymes with wit-filled gems and intricate wordplay is all in all what makes him one of the game’s master wordsmiths.On “Numb it Down,” a song off Clipse’s 2008 mixtape Road to Till the Casket Drops, Mildred’s baby boy gloats about his skills on the mic, even referencing his penchant for dropping well-constructed double entendres (“The double entendres remind you of Andre 3K/Make you spin it back like a DJ”).  A French term for “double meaning,” these double entendres often fuel Neighborhood P’s high-level wordplay and over time has become synonymous with his rhyming scheme.Heck, even Wrath Of Caine, the title of his latest mixtape, bares the dual meaning expression—on one end, it can be interpreted as the fury of P’s Pyrex-inspired tales, and on the other, Caine is also a biblical reference to Cain, the cursed son of Eve.With all that in consideration, we looked back at Pusha’s discography (solo and part of Clipse) and highlighted 30 of his greatest Double Entendres in rhyme. Here’s the magic…Ralph Bristout

Check out the full list here.

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