Pusha T Talks “Cruel Winter” With Complex Magazine

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Check out Pusha T’s interview with Complex Magazine where he speaks on “Cruel Winter”, Rakim vs. Big Daddy Kane and more.

How’d you come up with the mixtape title?

Wrath of Caine is a play on street life and usually the metaphor that I come with, anyway. I was determined to use that title because at the same time I was creating the album, I realized and came to the conclusion that Big Daddy Kane is better than Rakim. The Wrath of Caine was the record that sort of pushed it to the edge. You know I’ve been on Rakim this whole time, but I was actually on a trip to New York and I was coming through Philly. In Philly, they were doing a mid-day mix of the best of Rakim and the best of Kane—just record for record. I caught it from the beginning until the end and I couldn’t fight it—I was like Kane won. And I never listened to it like that, I never ever heard it like that, I was always like “Rakim is better, I don’t give a fuck,” but no. They’re both great rhymers, that can’t be debated but I just thought dude had a longer discography of better records.

What do you think the response has been like?
Everybody pretty much seems to be on to the tape. People seem to like it. My core fans seem to be really enthused about it. To me, the music on the tape is conducive to raps and rhyming, and to what my true true fan wants to hear. They wanna hear me—there are so many quotables, I’ve been seeing so many people [talk about] favorite lines, sentiments, or whatever the case may be. I think it’s been a success.

Let’s talk about “Doesn’t Matter” with French Montana. There are a lot of mixed feelings about the track since French Montana is singing. It’s different. Is that what you were going for?

That track is the hate it or love it track of the mixtape. I honestly love it. I asked him to be on the mixtape and I actually had a beat from one of his producers Harry Fraud. He works for French a lot. I was like, “French I want you to put a hook on this beat,” and he was like, “Alright, but I’ve got some bangers that I just wanna send you that you might really like.” He sent me over a CD of like, four records and “Doesn’t Matter” was one of them. He always reels you in, he’s really enthusiastic about his music. He’s like, “Man I’ve got that wave that I’m about to give you right here,” and he gets to talking in his lingo and slang. He sets you up.


You drank the Kool-Aid.
I drank the Kool-Aid! But it was 100 percent right. I’m really appreciative about that record.

When do you think you’ll release a video for that one?
I don’t know. If I can get this trench jacket and we can get this rooftop we might be shooting it [today].

Do you think any other tracks from the mixtape warrant a video?
There’s another record I do want to shoot, it just takes a little bit more money to convey some of the visuals once they get narrative. It’s not just performance situations, so I just want to make sure I’m going to have the right budgets around this next particular single so it can be everything it needs to be. I don’t want to half-ass it.

What’s your favorite song on the mixtape? 
I’d have to say “Doesn’t Matter.” Lyrically, I really love that track. I like a lot of the tracks lyrically. I like everything lyrically but that’s just one that sticks out to me. I like the “Trust You” record, too.

When can we expect the album, My Name Is My Name?
Spring time, for sure.

Is it close to done?
Yeah. I’ve got a list of eight records in my phone right now that are solid. I’m just trying to find these last few. And I think I’ve got a good idea of what they could be. I think I found maybe one or two.


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