Picking Up The Pieces

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Will you go the distance remains the question I ask myself when making decisions, and that’s ultimately how I got here.  In late 2008 my life began to crumble into small little pieces, seemingly I thought that I’d never be able to bringit all back together again.

 My brand new truck was stolen on the day the first car notewas due, I soon after began to lose clients, my savings dwindled and then a bitof my sanity.  By mid 2009 MichaelJackson had died and so had my zeal for life.  At the time, I had lost a bit of hope and had even begun toquestion my purpose and what I was doing on the planet.  Deep, I know, but real.  My well-constructed wall of success hadtumbled over only to reveal my greatest fear, how will I make it all happen?  

 After having served as an executive director, a personal manager,a general manager, artist developer and even a vocal coach, all I could see wasmyself in the mirror.  Not who I’vehelped, not what I’ve accomplished and there was no wall of success to continueto climb.  Just a mirror, a mirrorwith giant letters across the top of it spelling out the question; DO YOU LIKE WHAT YOU SEE?

 I answered quickly, NO!  I didn’t, I’d spent a lot of time shuffling back and forthtrying desperately to stay afloat and to keep other folks smiling.  I’d spent very little time sowing seedand tending to my own dreams. Mostly because I was afraid of failure, afraid that I wouldn’t go thedistance to make what I believe in my core is the truth of my life, forme. 

 The Fun Part

After my great realization came the recalibration of mythinking.  The fun part; I got upevery morning dancing to a new song, listening for encouragement and strength and then one afternoon it hit me… I Just Want To Sing!!!! J  To discover the one thing, the one giftthat was so tender to me that I chose to hide it had become my truth.  Singing was not only the sweet sound ofmy soul pouring out, but it’s my greatest power, the ability to communicateemotion through rich and colorful tone. My fear was that no one would accept my gift and me because of a laundrylist of reasons that never mattered from the gate.   Of course Ithrew that list out and began calling people just to say “hey! I’m singing again…what do ya think of that?

 The Oprah Effect!

On my way to this new road of thinking, with a littlecoaxing from my sister, I stopped off at a little golf course near my home atthe time, to join in a local Karaoke Contest.  Something I had never done.  But I needed the money and there was no time better than thepresent to move on the “new me”. Who knew at the time that singing a block and a half from my home wouldoffer me the opportunity to go on to Oprah’s main stage.  Hope and destiny knew.  It was that little bit of hope that Ihad held onto; that I had hidden away from the world so that it couldn’t bestolen. This hope carried me to Chicago, the home of the Oprah Winfrey Show. After having found myself on the grand stage at the LosAngeles County Fair in front of hundreds of people, BeBe Winans shows up withOprah’s cameras.  I sang a song andmy heart opened up.  Two monthslater and Queen of Day Time Talk and the World for that matter surprised me,offering me the chance of a lifetime. And I took it.   I’llnever look back either J

Since my debut on Oprah in late 2009, I’ve been on her show5 times. Oprah was instrumental in bringing my first single “Miracle” to theworld and even played a major part in my signing with Def Jam Records in2010.  Headed to Israel and London for a few shows.  You never know whereyour dreams will take you.  The important part is to keep dreaming and always pick up the pieces.

Oprah’s Champ

 Def Jam RnB Crooner

 Abraham McDonald