A.P.C. x Kanye 2014 Fall/Winter Collection

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Kanye West & A.P.C. have announced that their 2014 fall/winter colelction will officially launch this month and be available in store and online starting July 17th!

Of course he would decide with me on every part of it. We would choose the fabrics and the color and the proportions, sleeves, shoulders, and there were a lot of fittings. It’s not like we want to do a parka, send the pattern to China, and OK we have the parka and I OK it. It’s not like that at all. We produce a first and second sample, a mock sample, a third sample, and finally the last one is good. It’s like a couture piece for every item. – Jean Touitou

Below, take a look at the rest of the 14-piece collection.

a-p-c-kanye-2014-fall-winter-collection-15 a-p-c-kanye-2014-fall-winter-collection-14 a-p-c-kanye-2014-fall-winter-collection-13 a-p-c-kanye-2014-fall-winter-collection-12 a-p-c-kanye-2014-fall-winter-collection-11 a-p-c-kanye-2014-fall-winter-collection-10 a-p-c-kanye-2014-fall-winter-collection-9 a-p-c-kanye-2014-fall-winter-collection-8 a-p-c-kanye-2014-fall-winter-collection-1 a-p-c-kanye-2014-fall-winter-collection-3 a-p-c-kanye-2014-fall-winter-collection-4 a-p-c-kanye-2014-fall-winter-collection-5 a-p-c-kanye-2014-fall-winter-collection-6 a-p-c-kanye-2014-fall-winter-collection-7