iHEARTRADIO: Dave East Releases Cinematic 'Perfect' Music Video Ft. Chris Brown

Dave East Releases Cinematic 'Perfect' Music Video Ft. Chris Brown


Dave East officially released his much-anticipated music video for "Perfect" featuring Chris Brown. Needless to say, it's fire. 

The visual starts off with East sitting handcuffed on a chair and blindfolded, as if he's been kidnapped by a woman. Brown can be seen doing his usual sick dance moves throughout the vid. Breezy and East are a perfectcombination. From the minute the video starts until the very end, both artists had us hooked on the visual. They should definitely drop some more heat in the near future. And speaking of dropping heat...

In a recent interview with iHeartRadio, East spoke about his Paranoia EP. When asked if he felt any pressure as an artist, he said without hesitation: "Nope because I feel like the only pressure people should deal with is the pressure you put on yourself. I remember when ain't none of y'all [knew] me, or none of y'all even cared about what I was doing. So, it’s no pressure. I just feel like, 'Oh, you feelin' it now.'"

He was also asked what he wants people to understand about him after listening to Paranoia. The MC replied with a smile: "Take me out that New York box. I feel like I'm more of a national, globally known person now. I feel like I'm making more relatable music for the masses, you know what I mean, even though it [is] gonna always have a New York undertone. But, I don't think I should be in that box no more."

Yup, we agree. 

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