Pusha T's Road To Political Celebrity and G.O.O.D President

Pusha T's more than just the numbers on the board or the guy that walks amongst the clouds so your ceilings ain't real, he's an emcee that's on a political mission.

As perhaps the most controversial and most intense presidential election comes to a close, we wanted to recap the G.O.O.D president's road to political stardom. Scroll down below. 

April 26: PUSHA T's takes a trip to the White House. Joining other rap elites such as J. Cole, Busta Rhymes and DJ Khaled, PUSH kicked off the political agenda hitting up President Obama's house.

July 8: King Push joins the frustration at police brutality sharing an unfortunate message about the killing of Philando Castle.


And another one, of us... #PhilandoCastile

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July 8th: Pusha shares a photo of both social media mogul Karen Civil and Hilary Clinton calling his followers attention on the importance of voter registration.

July 29th: Pusha announces that he's officially endorsed Hillary Clinton for president of the United States! Sharing a photo of himself wearing a "Delete Your Account" t-shirt, the G.O.O.D president also announced he teamed with both Clinton and Karen Civil to sell "Delete Your Account" for proceeds to the #BetterThanThis/Her campaign.


I'm totally endorsing democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton. My street wear brand @playcloths along with @karencivil 's Marathon Agency has created the “Delete Your Account” T-Shirt with the twitter insignia to support Hillary’s #BetterThanThis campaign –a call to recognize what is at stake with Donald Trump as the Republican Party nominee, the importance of voting, and registering others to vote in this election. Proceeds from the shirt will go to Reimagine Justice: A coalition committed to fund prison reform and post incarceration rehabilitation. Also supporting the #BetterThanThis campaign for Hillary Clinton are friends and fellow artists YG and Nipsey Hussle who are encouraging the movement to inspire fans to vote and defeat Donald Trump in the November election. Link to purchase the limited edition "Delete Your Account" T-Shirt is in my bio... EVERYBODY GO OUT AND VOTE!!

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August 12th: Pusha revisits the White House yet again, for a special dinner with Barack Obama.

August 19th: Pusha emphasizes on the importance of VOTING with a profound quote. He says, "just because you do not take an interest in politics, does not mean politics won’t take an interest in YOU!! @PlayCloths #PUSHTheVote T-Shirt coming soon #OURGANG."

Sept. 16: Pusha yet again continues the PUSH for folks to VOTE.


I VOTE because WE matter... #PUSHTheVote Use your voice!! Register to vote now at www.VOTE.USA.gov

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Sept. 30: As part of his endorsement for Hillary Clinton, Pusha launches a contest for fans who simply registered to vote to get a chance to meet him! #NICE #YYUUCCCK

Oct. 15: Pusha announces that he's also joining vice presidential candidate Tim Kaine for a meet-up at Liberty City in Miami, FL.



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Oct. 16: Politics as usual. Pusha snaps a quick shot with Tim Kaine and Karen Civil.


Politics as usual...

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An amazing PUSH for a presidential candidate as well as a great president for G.O.O.D, Pusha-T still continues to live up to the role of el' presidente.



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