YG Releases Video For "One Time Comin'"

Only a couple days after YG shared his new song, "One Time Comin',"the rapper comes through with the track's video. The visual takes cue from the lyrical subject of the song as interchanges between the POV of the daily lives of people running from the police and through the security footage of a police camera fitted with the date and time. 

YG has made it clear that the song is about racial discrimination and police violence by sharing the message "In loving memory of the victims of police brutality," on both the track's single art and in the video's caption on YouTube. The rapper also ends the video with a heartfelt note to all of those who have been affected by tragedy at the hands of authorities. "Our condolences go out to all the innocent families who have lost innocent loved 1s to police brutality. Rest In Paradise."

It seem like "One Time Comin'" is just the first of new music from YG, who took to Twitter Tuesday to announce to his fans that his new mixtape is coming soon. There's no additional information on when the mixtape's will arrive, but for now, you can watch the "One Time Comin'" video above. (via Complex News)



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