Watch Jhene Aiko's Insanely Sexy 'Maniac' Video

Jhené Aiko gets tied to a hospital bed in the asylum-set, self-directed clip for her new single "Maniac." The darkly sexual single is the lead off her upcoming, as-yet-untitled sophomore solo LP.

As Aiko sings about being a "maniac" in bed, she's bound and gagged on a hospital bed and in a wheelchair surrounded by faceless doctors. Her solitary confinement takes place in a building reminiscent of American Horror Story, with chipped paint and stark medical supplies. By the end of the video, she's been released from her binds and is straddling a mannequin.

"There are so many layers to my personality. One of them is very sexual and 'Maniac' is me sharing that side of myself," Aiko tells Rolling Stone. "When I started putting together the concept for the 'Maniac' visual, I wanted to explore what it meant to be manic." To that end, the singer researched old asylums, watched movies on the topic and learned the "bizarre techniques that were used back in the day to treat mental patients."



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