Watch Jeremih's 1990 New York Flavored "I Think Of You" Video

Watch Jeremih's 1990 New York Flavored

"I Think Of You" Video Ft. Chris Brown & Big Sean 

The fun, catchy song's visual is inspired by the Spike Lee movies Crooklyn and Do The Right Thing. As someone who's from Bed Stuy, Brooklyn and is a fan of the movies myself, let me just say that the video definitely breathes life into the two films perfectly. Jeremih's portrayal of Radio Raheem is even lit.

While speaking to iHeartRadio about his new video, the singer said: "It’s been a while since my last video, so I wanted to make it very special for my fans.  I decided to go with the New York look for the set. We filmed the video on the set of Fox Studios in LA on the New York scene.  The set was used to imitate the lyrics of the song, and to give a 90s vibe as well."

"Chris Brown and Big Sean showed up to the video set ready to also make it happen. My character replicated the look of Radio Raheem from the film Do The Right Thing by Spike Lee. The video is about a main girl that we were all trying to impress on the streets of New York.  I wanted the video to be fun so people can dance to it with an old school vibe."

Jeremih closed: "Shout out to Chris Brown and Big Sean for being a part of this project.  A special shout out to Chris Brown for helping to direct the treatment of the video.  I also want to thank everyone who participated in the video and came through to support it."

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