Vince Staples Must See Festival Act This Summer

Must-See Festival Acts: Vince Staples

What advice would you give a first-time festival performer?
Just be comfortable.  Sometimes, when open up for a [bigger] artist [at a conventional concert],  you can feel unwelcome. But when you're playing a festival, people come to see music in general -- so don't be fearful. The people are there to enjoy and discover new music so approach the show with confidence and optimism.

Do you plan to have a political element to your set?
Not necessarily. When it comes to festivals, we just try to do our best to convey the music because a live setting isn’t necessarily the best way to hear the intricacies within the music. So, our most focused point is trying to make sure we can relay the music in a very close manner to what you would be receiving on record -- and real harder. We also try to keep it lighthearted and fun because at festivals, there's a lot of music and a lot of things going on.

Are there any acts that you’re most excited to see at the festivals you're playing? 
I think we’re playing something with Frank [Ocean] and Thugger [Young Thug], so it’ll be good to see them play. It’s always good to see your friends in their element and bring love so.

If you could reunite one group at a festival, what would it be? 
I don’t think I would want to reunite a band. Things don’t really go that  well when people get back together. 

Are there any festivals you've attended as a fan that stick out as a favorite? 
I’ve never been to a festival that I didn’t play,  I went to one Diana Ross concert with my grandma once, and I went to see Yeezus a long time ago, but I stayed for, like, five minutes. [Otherwise], I've never been to a real concert.  

What is the best all-access perk you’ve received?
Golden Voice does a really good job with the food and the backstage stuff, but I’m really not a backstage kind of [person]. Being in the crowd is pretty much the best perk.

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