VEVO PREMIERE: Watch Alessia Cara's new video for "Seventeen"

Watch the premiere of Alessia's "Seventeen" featuring her family and friends now on VEVO!



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We need civil right for our woman. A woman needs peace two.

I love women. Women needs peace different. I see women get put down for making changes. Why are men being racist? Men live a lifestyle of disproportion. The human force cringe lost women in orphans. Why dosen't man stand up for his wife? I don't see the light. We need military women to shine. I feel bad on a lifeline. Why is man hating our women who survive a bullet wound for men? That is legendary yet men are racist again. I walk miles for my edcation.  I run sprints and had disrespect for that poison. We need to avoid this. I have been jumped by women and never hated thier brutallity. The youth need positive female roll models. Guys feel hollow for what they can't accomplish. You need to be positive for our women. This is the love i feel in. My pin teaches the youth nobility. Nobody is feeling me. Non lethal artillary heals our woman. Every country needs peace right now. For a woman., we take our vowels.