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Kacy Hill Talks About Being A Woman, Owning Your Sexuality, and Making GOOD Music



I spoke to Kacy Hill just days before the release of her debut album, Like A Woman. It was the calm before the storm and, needless to say, there was a lot going through the singer-songwriter and GOOD Music signee’s mind.  

“I think I’ll know how I feel once it’s out. I’ve spent so much time on it and it’s so precious to me,” she says. “It’s like sharing your diary with the whole world, or whoever wants to hear it.”

Three years of work and countless hours in the studio later, Hill can finally stop holding her breath. Since it dropped on June 30, Like A Woman has been described by critics as “mesmerizing,” while Hill herself has been praised as “a supremely gifted vocalist” and “a fashionable and edgy pop singer you should know.”

Hill started out as a model for American Apparel, which is how she caught Italian artist Vanessa Beecroft’s attention. At the time, Beecroft was working with Kanye West to find nine trained dancers and models for the Fall 2013 Yeezus Tour. Hill made the cut, and when Ye heard a demo of her trippy, experimental homemade single “Experience,” he signed her to the G.O.O.D. Music family on the spot.

“He’s talked to me a lot about sentiment and being conscious of the message I’m projecting. About making music that has a certain meaning and that connects with people in a certain way,” Hill said of her experience working with West, who executive produced Like A Woman. “I guess the takeaway from Like A Woman is just to be comfortable in being alone, to be ok with sitting with yourself, exploring yourself. If I can help someone feel comfortable in something they want to do or are afraid to do, be it in sexuality or just as a person, it’s about pushing those boundaries.”



It’s no secret that the music industry sexualizes women, but rather than reject sexuality altogether, Hill has flipped the script and encourages women to embrace and own their sexuality. To feel confident and empowered by it rather than ashamed or embarrassed.

“Growing up, I never really had a talk with anyone about sex or anything like that. In a lot of ways, it was just me figuring out what all of it meant. There’s been a lot of discovery for me in what value I assign to sex and my own sexuality. When you realize how much power you have as a woman and as a sexual being, it’s astonishing. I wanted to explore that power you hold when you’re able to take control of your sexuality and let it be something you’re not afraid of. There’s so much power in just letting that exist,” she says. “There are so many sh*ttier things going on in the world than talking about sex. There is literally nothing bad that can come from it. There are so many different realms – like the health aspect and being able to take care of yourself because you’re informed and not afraid to talk about it. I think there’s so much guilt and so many levels of shame that still exist, especially for women, that don’t need to exist.”

Even before the release of her album, Hill has made a point of pushing boundaries and conventions surrounding women and sexuality, most notably with her music video for the album’s title track, where Hill can be seen touching herself on a public bus.

“I wrote that song in a session – I wrote it with the intention of it being for someone else and it kind of stuck with me. ,” says Hill. “To me, good music is anything that’s honest and that makes people think or connect. You can always tell when music is honest.”


Listen to Kacy Hill’s debut album Like A Woman below.


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