From Songwriting to Stardom Bibi Bourelly is Balling Her Way To The Top

From Songwriting To Stardom: Singer Bibi Bourelly Is Balling Her Way To The Top

Few 22-year-olds can say they have written for Rihanna and released their own records, but Bibi Bourelly has done just that and more. Now she's out to conquer the world as a solo artist.

German-born Bourelly is best known for penning Rihanna's 2015 mega-hit "Bitch Better Have My Money" and two tracks on 2016's chart-topping Anti, which went double platinum. But she is also a Def Jam-signed vocalist whose 2015 single "Ego," topped the Spotify charts.

"All of my songwriting success happened within a four month time span, and my record label deal happened within the next three months," Bourelly recalls, speaking to FORBES in Austin, Texas, at the 2017 SXSW Conference & Festivals. "I was 19 and my entire life changed."


It now seems inevitable that Bourelly would become an artist. With a father who is a professional guitarist and a mother who served as a coordinator at the House of World Cultures in Berlin, she grew up surrounded by jam sessions. She would often sing along at home, but wouldn't let her audience open their eyes or clap.

Her mother died when she was six, and aged 9 she left Berlin to stay with family in Washington D.C. for a stint before returning to Germany. Between a bout of teenage rebellion and bad grades, Bourelly decided to start making music professionally--and let her audience open their eyes.

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