REVIEW: Read what UPROXX thinks about Troi Irons' "TURBULENCE EP"

Troi Irons Is An Angsty Millennial Rockstar With The Voice Of An Angel

When I listen to Troi Irons, I think about Lenny Kravitz and Jimi Hendrix. It’s not her sound — though there are some similarities there — as much as the way rockstar riffs seem to spill directly out of her. A cursory glance at her dreads, and a brief introduction to her powerhouse voice might have the uninitiated trying to label Troi as R&B or blues, but there is an undercurrent of guitar and rebellion here that is absolutely undeniable. 

It’s that backbone of rock that helps make her Turbulence EP one of the most intriguing and diverse EPs I’ve heard this year, and it’s also easy to see why an artist like Lupe Fiasco, who has an appreciation for eclecticism in music, would tap her for two features on his Tetsuo And Youth EP (under the name Troi).




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