Read all the lyrics to YG's new mixtape "Red Friday" on Genius

YG is back with his new mixtape Red Friday. The 8-track project includes production from DJ Mustard and MoneyMakinMitch, and features from 21 SavageRJ, and Mitch. It’s YG’s second project of the year, following his critically-acclaimed sophomore album Still Brazy.


As part of Nipsey Hussle’s #Proud2Pay campaign, YG will be selling physical copies of the mixtape for $100 each. Billboard reported that only 1,400 will be available for fans to purchase.

Red Friday is available to stream on Spotify now.

Check out the lyrics to YG's 'Red Friday' mixtape below:
  1. “Public Service Announcement”
  2. “I’m a Thug Pt. 2”
  3. “Get Out Yo Feelin’s” feat. RJ
  4. “I Know” feat. Mitch
  5. “I Be On” feat. 21 Savage
  6. “Down Bitch”
  7. “I Ain’t Lying”
  8. “One Time Comin'”

(via Genius)



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