Pre-Order Jeezy's Trap or Die + Get Exclusive Snowman Merch!

Jeezy's Trap or Die 3 is now available for pre-order featuring "All There" and "Let Em Know". Pre-order today and get a pre-order bundle with exclusive snowman merch at a special low price. Deal ends this weekend!

Trap or Die 3 will bring it back to the essence of JEEZY aka “The Snowman,” who defined the genre of trap music with his vivid storytelling about the struggle and triumph of the streets. The previous two installments of Trap Or Die first put Jeezy on the map as the leading force and voice of the Atlanta trap music movement. With Trap Or Die classics tracks such as “Get Ya Mind Right” and “Lose My Mind,” the new project will carry the torch bringing JEEZY’s powerful voice to the world.



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