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Last month the singer-songwriter Jhené Aiko, 29, released “Trip,” an album of 22 tracks, a movie, poetry and an interactive gallery component presented with Samsung.

Ms. Aiko, who lives in Los Angeles, takes a similarly venturesome approach to her beauty regimen. Here, she shares her favorite products and procedures. Vampire Facials, she’ll have you know, really do work.

Skin Care

I have combination skin. When I was younger, I used to pick at my face a lot so I have permanent enlarged pores. Then I started with Fraxel. The Fraxel laser really improves the texture of your skin — I’ve done it three times so far — but you have to be more careful what you use after. I use Alastin cleanser, or CeraVe cleanser, which you can get at the drugstore. Dr. Harold Lancer, who I started going to, was the one who recommended CeraVe. He said I was overwashing my face and that for me, less is more.

Then I put on iS Clinical Hydra-Cool serum. It has hyaluronic acid in it. I use that under my Alastin mineral sunscreen. It has a little tint to it, and it’s not chalky the way some mineral sunscreens can be.

Every other night, I use the Method: Polish from Lancer, and I go back and forth between a few things. Alastin has a good retinol — it’s a low dose and also moisturizing. When you wake up, the texture of your skin is so soft. I also use the Circcell ABO serum on top of the retinol. It’s supposed to act like blood cells. If I’m breaking out, I like iS Clinical Pro-Heal Serum. It’s very healing.

Bottom of Form


The Kevyn Aucoin brow pencil is the first thing I do. I started plucking my brows when I was 12 years old. I have a few gaps that will not grow back. In the morning, I look in the mirror and think: “Ah! Where are my brows?”

I don’t put on foundation and just go with the Alastin tinted sunscreen. I use Peter Thomas Roth 24K Gold Prism Cream wherever I need a highlight — under my brow and on my cheekbones. Sometimes, I’ll take the same brow pencil and put just a little at the outside corners of my eyes just to create a little smokiness. I have small eyelids, and a lot of times eye shadows just close up the lid.

I don’t really like mascara. Instead, I use Latisse. It does work, but I’m really bad at doing anything every single night. I feel like my skin-care routine already has more steps than I would like.

Then I use LipSmart. It’s something I found in this little beauty supply store in Beverly Hills. It’s a $30 lip balm that really, really works.



My hair is naturally curly. I’ve been letting it be in its natural state. When I do straighten it, I just get a blowout. After that, I wrap my hair up with a silk scarf and keep it like that for a day. When I unwrap it, it’s bone-straight and shiny.

If I’m wearing my hair natural, I wash it every other day, then wrap it in a cotton T-shirt and let it dry. I use DevaCurl, the No-Poo and One Condition. After it’s dry, I put in the DevaCurl Supercream. It gives a little definition and control but doesn’t weigh my hair down — I like my curls fluffy and soft. I alternate between that and Oribe, Moisture & Control shampoo and conditioner.

For my trims, I go to Romero at Brambila Salon in Santa Monica. He also does my blowouts.


I love oils. I have so many. One that goes well with everything is this little one called Essential Faith. Once when I wore it, someone told me: “You smell so great. You smell like a Bible.” Another one I’ve been wearing all year is Diptyque L’Ombre Dans l’Eau. I was in Barneys one day, and I got a whole bunch of Diptyque candles and this fragrance. I also really like the Elizabeth and James perfumes. I always check out whatever new one they have out. My favorite is still the black one.

Other Services

I have a really great nail girl: Chika. She’s from Japan and she comes to my house. I started off doing acrylic and now I do the gels. For the Fraxel, I go to Cosmetique Aesthetics in Culver City. Dr. Ramin Sarshad there is really good at preventive skin care and procedures. A while ago, I got a really, really deep peel. I’ve also done Vampire Facials there. I do it after my skin has healed from the Fraxel, and I see a difference in texture and firmness. And we’ll do vitamin drips from an IV. He’ll add extra saline if I’m dehydrated or if I’ve been working a lot.

Diet and Fitness

I am naturally very, very small. When I was pregnant with my daughter, I gained 30 pounds and I was 120. For me, I always try to gain weight and body build. It’s the same as a person trying to lose weight. It’s a pain. Why do I have to drink a shake after a full meal?

I do exercise about three times a week, but I don’t do anything that will make me lose weight. So it’s a lot of core strengthening, and leg and glute work.

I eat vegan and have been doing so for a while. In L.A. and New York, it’s super-easy to be vegan. There’s so much variety. They’ll make plant-based Philly cheesesteaks! But I’m not the healthiest vegan. I like a lot of carbs and fried foods.






 Via New York Times 



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