Meet The Stylist Behind Iggy Azalea's Unapologetic Style

Meet The Woman Responsible For Iggy Azalea's Refreshingly Unapologetic Style

As you're probably well aware at this point, Iggy Azalea has an admirably honest, DGAF approach to things, whether that concerns plastic surgery or engagement ring politics, and her style choices are just as bold. We rang up her longtime stylist, Alejandra Hernandez, to learn more about what it's like to dress Azalea for a never-boring mix of red carpets and music videos; most recently, the duo worked on Azalea's "Mo Bounce" video. (In addition to working with the Aussie star, Hernandez is currently working on her own activewear line.) Ahead, Hernandez fills us in on Azalea's consistently outré style sensibility, and how the music video is still a really meaningful medium from a fashion perspective.


How did you start working with Iggy? 
"We met in a 7-Eleven, actually. It was just after I had seen the 'PU$$Y' video online, and I was like, 'Who the heck is this girl, this blonde bombshell, and where did she come from?!" I didn't even realize that Iggy was Australian. My boyfriend at the time had started directing music videos; he found her manager's information, and asked to make a music video for Iggy. I styled it, and Iggy and I have been working together ever since; it's been a crazy six years!"


How does your job as stylist change over the years when you start working a client before they're really famous? 
"In the beginning, I just didn't even bother with the top people, because I knew they wouldn't be willing to lend. I pulled as many favors as I could, but it was hard. I had to get creative and resourceful to make her look cool and unusual early on. Once Iggy started getting press from places like V and Paper, people started to pay attention to who she was, and it got a lot easier to style her."

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