The Lox Sit's with Genius's Rob Markman For "My First Song" Series

The LOX are decorated hip-hop veterans and the trio’s latest album, Filthy America… It’s Beautiful, is a celebration of 20 years of loyalty and rap excellence.

But JadakissSheek Louch, and Styles P weren’t always the crafty vets that we’ve come to know and love. When they signed to Puff Daddy’s Bad Boy Entertainment back in 1996, the LOX were fresh off their Yonkers block trying to figure out how to weave their raw street tales into hit records.

Their first assignment was a mixtape collaboration with the label’s superstar, The Notorious B.I.G., titled “You’ll See.” During the recording session, Diddy put the trio in the studio with little instruction and a beat based off EPMD’s 1988 classic “You’re a Customer.”

“He gave us that beat and let us do it and then he threw Big on it. That was the introduction of the LOX being on Bad Boy,” Kiss told Genius.

(Via @Genius )



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