Life is Lit With Trap Beckham

Life is Lit With Trap Beckham
Trap Beckham is a hometown favorite in Jacksonville, Florida. Labeled “The Golden Boy of the Hood” from a young age, Trap and those close to him knew he was destined for greatness. His affinity for making bona fide hits combined with his non-stop work ethic were instrumental in getting Def Jam's attention.
Since joining our roster, Trap has been putting in work over the past year gearing up for his studio debut EP, Life is Lit. With "Lil Booties Matter" already generating buzz and anticipation for the forthcoming EP, we caught up with Trap to find out more about the project and his creative process.
1. “Lil Booties Matter” is the first single off your upcoming EP, Life is Lit. What was the thought process behind the single? Were you trying to make a twerk song that stands out from the mainstream?
Every time I make a song I try to make it stand out, I always make at least one or two party or twerk songs, every project, so it was like clockwork for me. At the studio, my homie kept going, “Hey, Trap, lil booties matter, lil booties matter,” so I just said, “Yo I gotta write that sh*t in a verse.” From there I just started making the beat around it and had Beast Mode finish it, and then I had Da Internz finish it. They put they little sauce on the beat, it ended up being a great hit.
2. You’ve cited T-Pain and Kanye as musical influences; are there any trap artists whose music inspires you or influenced Life is Lit?
I wouldn’t say they influenced my EP but just influenced my lifestyle and the culture of the way I rap. I would say Gucci and Jeezy because I wasn’t Young Trap until Jeezy.
3. Life Is Lit is dropping this week, It’s an uplifting project with countless  party anthems, what inspired the title and concept behind the EP as a whole?
For a long time, I didn’t know what I was gonna call the EP…we had like 50 songs on and one day I realized, man, “Hey, I’m recording in LA, I came a long way, it’s lit.” And that’s when I realized, yo, life is lit. That’s why that’s the name of the EP. And from there, we knew the direction that we needed for the record. I have all types of records, slow records, fast records, etc. Once we realized that life was lit, we knew we gotta make it upbeat, make it catchy, make it club.
4. You’ve been putting in work for years, consistently dropping your birthday mixtapes, how long did you work on Life is Lit? What was the songwriting process like?
The songwriting process was crazy cause I was basically just running through songs, a lot of the songs I didn’t even write, I was just freestyling. The creative process was lit. It was dope being able to work with all types of different producers.
5. What was the production process like? Which producers did you enlist? How hands on do you like to be?
I like to be hands on 50% of the time. Other times I like to let producers do their thing that way we get two different swags on the beat. The production process for Life is Lit was crazy cause I got dope producers, shoutout to 808 Mafia, Drumma Boy, Da Internz, Beast Mode and more. The beats are just real crazy, I picked the beats really carefully so, I think it’s gonna be lit.
6What’s your favorite track off of the EP?
It’s either a song called “Dog Shit,” or a song called “Backwoods” on there. Both of those are pretty lit, and they sound different from “Lil Booties Matter.” I can’t even get too much into it, It’s just the beat and the production and how easy it is to learn the record.
7. “On The Rocks” is a bit more sentimental than your other tracks, is it easy for you to go outside your comfort zone and talk about more emotional subject matter?
Yeah, you know, with me, I make music based off my life, my real life experiences. I like to write all my stuff based on just how I’m living.
8. What sets Life is Lit apart from your previous projects?
It’s just the biggest project I’ve ever done. Production wise, I think it’s gonna be good because I have a label behind me to help me place sh*t, from top down, and you know, we can do what we been doing in the streets, from the bottom up, and this is how it’s gonna look. When it drops it’s just gonna be one of the biggest impacts I’ve made.
9. How did the process change by putting out the project through Def Jam?
I have help pushing the record, I don't have to argue to try to get certain doors open. You got the Def Jam stamp, you’re cool. It’s easy to work with people.
10. What does it mean for you to be a part of Def Jam?
Everything. It changed my life. I owe everything to it.
11. Which Def Jam artists would you like to collaborate with?
Definitely wanna work with Kanye, Jeezy, 2Chainz, Justin Bieber, Nas, Dave East, YG, everybody.
Listen to Lil Booties Matter out now! 
Listen to Trap Beckham's Life is Lit playlist.



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