Kacy Hill's Good Life Is Just Beginning



Kacy Hill’s about to drop her debut album on Kanye West’s record label, GOOD Music, and the way she got there is unreal: by modeling for American Apparel.

Her music résumé is almost as unexpected as her route to a record deal. Growing up, Kacy she played the oboe and saxophone. But she knew that wasn’t exactly the path she saw her life taking.

“I always had this secret dream of becoming a singer,” Kacy explained, “but in Arizona it seemed completely out of reach.” 

So she started modeling because “the work just kind of happened so I ran with it.”

While working for American Apparel, she got discovered by Vanessa Beecroft who hired her to be a backup dancer on Kanye’s Yeezus tour, and the rest is history.


What’s Kanye like as a mentor?

Kanye isn’t involved in every step of my creative process, but back in June we sat down with the music and he helped me steer the production and visuals of the album into a direction I’m now much more happy with. I think having him as a mentor is an incredible honor, and I’m thankful to work with him in any capacity.

What’s the best advice he’s ever given you? 

To create things with sentiment. In this first album, it was really easy to get caught up in what I thought the label would want and what I thought I should be making, as opposed to just making something with sentiment. I keep going back to the sentiment of my work.

I know you voted for Hillary, would you ever perform at the White House if you got an invitation?

While Donald Trump is in office, absolutely not.

What do you think the role of public figures should be in this political climate?

I think that if you are given the opportunity of a public platform, you should use it for as much good as possible. It’s obviously not mandatory to be directly involved in politics, as I don’t think everyone should be spouting information they haven’t properly researched or understood in the name of appearing like an activist. If a public figure feels they have the power and knowledge to create change, I think speaking out is an important role to take on.

How’s the album going?

Soooo good. It’s done and I’ve never been more proud of something I’ve made.

If your album was a beverage, what kind would it be?

WATER!! Clean, cold, delicious tasting water. It’s the only thing I like to drink.

Do you have any advice for young women starting out in the industry?

Be honest! Be sexy if you want to be! Do what makes you happy!

Okay, now what do you like more, cooking topless or vajazzling?

Cooking topless, though I acknowledge the inherent risk in the activity.

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