Jeremih Talks 'I Think Of You' With Billboard.

After performing for more than 40,000 people in Porto Alegre, Brazil, Jeremih is adding another big item to his list of accomplishments by heading to the studio to write for Nicki Minaj's next album. But what he's especially excited about is his own project: His forthcoming album Later That Night, the final installment of his Late Nights trilogy.

In a chat with Billboard, Jeremih talks about closing out his Late series, how its single "I Think of You" with Chris Brown and Big Sean came together and why, after touring with J. Cole and PartyNextDoor, he’s ready to go solo on the road. 

How did you come up with “I Think of You”? It’s a fresh sound from you. 

I was in the studio with Yung Berg. We were working on a couple of records, just shooting out beats and he was like, "Go young Mike [Michael Jackson] on ‘em!" Dropping it right now, I didn’t think that’d it’d throw people too far off of what they thought I’m capable of doing. I know I just dropped a project with Chance [the Rapper]. I dropped a couple of verses on "I Think of You." Berg ended up hitting me one day like, "I’m in here with Chris [Brown]. Do you mind if he gets on it?" So I was thinking if there’s anyone who should be on it, it should be him. For R&B, it’d be dope. We completed it but then we played it for Big Sean then he blessed it with a verse.

You’ve worked with Sean before, but have you ever collaborated with Chris? 

Every time I work with Chris, the track is for someone else -- like DJ Khaled. Chris had never been on a record of mine and I had never been on one of his. What’s crazy is the night before we actually dropped the single, I went in the studio with Chris, which is when Big Sean had his release party in L.A. We connected up there then he asked me to go to the studio and we did some more work. It’s dope for us to be on the same page and for people to accept both of us on the same record. 

Is a video for it on the way? 

We’re putting the video together for it now. My fans deserve it. I told Chris, “Just give me two moves. That’s all I need! And I’m going to kill them.” I’m from Chicago so you know we come from juking and footwork. My mom can dance to “I Think of You.” My niece is four. When I played her "Don’t Tell ‘Em," she danced the same way then as she danced to “I Think of You” now. It’s crazy to see. That’s why I thought it was good to put this one out first. Like I said, I'm looking forward to seeing how people feel about the rest of the album.


I know this is the first single, which means the album’s coming soon but with your last album, there were a lot of pump fakes and delays. How do you feel about where you are now? 

I feel very strong about the music that I’ve been recording in the last couple of months. In the last month, I think I’ve recorded a completely different album. This one is me closing out my Late Nights trilogy. It’s called Later That Night. There won’t be any pump fakes. [Laughs] I didn’t think I was pump-faking before but the singles just lasted so long from “Don’t Tell ‘Em" -- that lasted a whole year -- to “Planez” with J. Cole. That ended up getting me my biggest tour so far, performing in front on 20,000 people every night. 

That hopefully prepped me for now, which is my solo tour, the Late Nights tour. This single shows people a little bit of growth. It gets me out of the trap vibe that I feel everybody is on right now. Every singer is trying to rap. Every rapper is trying to sing. This differentiates me from everybody that I thought was biting my sound. So I dropped this. It’s crazy because I listen to records for years. I wrote this song two years ago. So to hear it right now… I was tired of it until we dropped it. Now I love it again. 

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