Jeremih Explains The Long Gestation Of 'I Think Of You' With Complex.

The gaps in Jeremih's career—the long stretches between singles, the painfully protracted album rollouts—can be frustrating and confounding, but his patient fans are always rewarded eventually. Last week, he released "I Think of You," the first single from his upcoming album, Later That Night, and it's a string of lovable moments. It's satisfying heard just once, but the details keep bringing you back. The bassline is somewhat reminiscent of Montell Jordan's "Get It On Tonite" but isn't a sample. That little bite of Chris Brown's voice that pops up in the opening seconds and repeats throughout. The dreamy register Jeremih slips into for the chorus and its slinky melody. I've listened to the song five or six times while writing this and I'll keep it on throughout the day.

As the rollout for Later That Night commences (hopefully it'll be smoother than the one for Late Nights: The Album), Jeremih spoke with Complex from Brazil about how "I Think of You" went from being a T.I. collaboration to its current iteration, what happened on his tour with Partynextdoor, and what to expect from the conclusion of his celebrated Late Nights series.


How did you, Chris Brown, and Big Sean get together for "I Think of You"?
Jeremih: I was sitting on that record for a minute. That song kicked off about two years ago with me and T.I. originally. That's the first person I thought to put on and no joke, he sent it back the very next day, and I really love that version of the song. It lasted the test of time and about three months ago, ["I Think of You" producer] Yung Berg had mentioned Chris Brown, said he had played it for him, and [Brown] threw a verse on it. I was like, Damn, that's crazy. So we had that song, just me and him, for a second. And then the bridge, which I actually fell in love with too, we omitted now that Big Sean came through with his verse. Big Sean actually threw two verses on there, but I think he kept the better of the two.

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