Jahkoy x Clash Magazine: The Next Wave



22-year-old Jahkoy Palmer is a musical chameleon. The Toronto-born singer and rapper’s sound soaks up everything from R&B and soul, to elements of EDM, reggae and electro. A romantic at heart, Jahkoy writes with his emotions, fearlessly testing new styles and genres through his sensual and heartfelt songwriting. Having already garnered co-signs from legendary producers No I.D and Pharrell Williams, when we catch up with the Def Jam signee he’s on the London leg of Kehlani’s SweetSexySavage World Tour.

“I draw inspiration from love and life,” Jahkoy says with a smile. We’re in London at his centrally located Airbnb and he’s elated to have the opportunity to open up for the Oakland songstress. “I write about stuff I can relate to, things I’ve gone through, or things that people around me have been through. That’s the best way I can express myself.”

Jahkoy’s subject matter is normally focussed around love, particularly focussing on a niche that is rarely represented in contemporary music. “I love romantic songs. Especially songs that are Wedding-worth,” he says. “Our generation doesn’t have that really. My favourite song for this generation is Ed Sheeran's ‘Thinking Out Loud’. I don't think there’s another person who’s come up with a record that makes me think, I will play this at my wedding.” He points to his shirt which bears the vintage artwork from Luther Vandross’ 1989 single ‘Here and Now World’, adding: “This was before I was even born!”

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