2 Chainz's 2017 Highlights

Check Out 2 Chainz's Best Moments From 2017

The past year was filled with many wins for 2 Chainz aka the Drench God.

From releasing a number 1 album to creating a local monument that garnered international attention, everything 2 Chainz touched turned to gold this past year. 

Let's take a look back at some highlights from the past year in celebration of his birthday. 


Pretty Girls Like Trap Musc Playlist Series

From Nicki Minaj to LaLa to Cardi B to Issa Rae, 2 Chainz has had countless influential women currate his ongoing Pretty Girls Like Trap Musc playlist series

To listen to the current playlist click here.


Pink Trap House 

What started out as a fun installation, blossomed into a full-fledged landmark in Atlanta! Parties were thrown, music was enjoyed, music videos were shot and the space was even transformed into an HIV testing center for a day garnering international attention.


2 Chainz VR

2 Chainz brough his trap house to Virtual Reality with this all new video game, taking trapping to whole new realms.


2 Chainz PGLTM release

This album was 2 Chainz's first solo, studio release since 2013 and it was a hit! Pretty Girls Like Trap Music was a playlist, a hashtag and an entire movement!


6 Music Videos

2 Chainz dropped 6 amazing music videos this year, check out his latest for Door Swanging above.


#1 album in the country 

The album quickly rose to the number 1 spot on the rap charts and still continues to impress fans.

To stream/download the album click here.


Genius Convo 

While in New York, 2 Chainz stopped by Genius HQ for an in-depth Q&A with Rob Markman to discuss his latest album, the pink trap house and the current state of Trap music.


PGLTM tour 

2 Chainz proved where there’s a will there’s a way. Even after sustaining an injury he ensured that fans would get the tour that they were promised!





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