Five Things You Should Know About: LAJAN SLIM

LAJAN, LAJAN! You may have heard the name a couple of times this week. Garnering over 350k views on Worldstar for his hit “Haitians,” LAJAN SLIM is buzzing in the Miami streets and beyond. The 22-year-old Broward County native is ready to strike and we’re right along with him for the hit.

Scroll down and find out more about LAJAN.

1.  Lajan’s about his money. No seriously, he’s really about his money. In the creole language, LAJAN means money, as he’s annotated on his hit record on GENIUS. “Lajan means money in creole,” he annotates. “Where I grew up at I’m known for hustling and I got the name Lajan as a street name.In the traps they called me Lajan, because they were Haitian and I’m Haitian and we hustled.”

2. He’s highly educated.  In addition to lacing lyrics, Lajan’s majored in English at Florida Memorial University, more proof to him being well versed in the elements of style. He told XXL, “I’m an English major. I graduated high school. I’m all into art. I draw, dance, I’m just so multitalented. Computers, I engineer all my own work. I try to feed my self with knowledge. No limit on myself.”

3. Lajan’s got soul and he’s super bad. Along with classic hip hop such as Tupac and more contemporary artists like Lil Wayne, the “Haitians” rapper is a big fan of the Temptations. “Everything, mainly oldies like The Temptations, Five Heartbeats, that type of music, ” he told XXL.”My grandma, growing up under my grandma, I would always listen to oldies and vinyls. When I first actually started listening to hip-hop, I used to ride around with my uncle and he used to play 2Pac. But when I really got into it during Cash Money era, when I used to hear it as a kid. When I started listening to Lil Wayne as a kid.”

4. He’s true to his culture. If you haven’t noticed in his viral video for “Haitians,” LAJAN goes hard for his culture. With red and blue colors of the Haitian national flag, LAJAN has served up a brand new anthem for his Haitian community. Sak Pase?

5. Lajan’s got goals and he’s all about changing the game with Haiti behind. I’m trying to show my Haitian-American lifestyle and the love for my people,” he annotated with GENIUS.”My crew is diverse culturally, the majority of us are Haitians, some of us are Jamaicans. We call ourselves the Lajan Boys. Some of us play basketball, football, some go to college, I’m a rapper, some of us are street. And we just bring it all together with positivity.”

Check out more on LAJAN on his official website, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

Stream “Haitians” on Spotify now.



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