The Fader: Amir Obè Rises Above The Negativity On New Single “Wish You Well”

His debut EP NOTCW is out March 30 via Def Jam.

Amir Obè has been working hard. At the end of 2016, the rapper and singer signed to Def Jam and has been prepping his debut EP, NØTÇW, which is due out March 30.On "Wish You Well," the first single from his upcoming project, Obè mentions that he's been working "25 hours every day," and makes it abundantly clear that nothing can bring him down. At the end of the upbeat, NYLZ-produced track, he asks, "Why would I ever stop celebrating?" Listen to "Wish You Well" below.


By: Ben Dandridge-Lemco  (via The Fader)



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