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Def Jam Artists Take Over Lollapalooza 2016

Festival season is slowly coming to a close, but that’s not to say it can’t go out with a bang. Lollapalooza was this past weekend and several Def Jam artists including Alessia Cara, Vic Mensa, Vince Staples, and Jahkoy made the experience a memorable one.

Critics and fans alike have regarded each artist’s performance with paramount levels of praise; some have even been included in the Rolling Stone’s “Best Of” recap of the event.


Via Daniel DeSlover for Chicago Concert Reviews

Young superstar Alessia Cara, in between her busy schedule of touring the world with Coldplay, rocked the stage at this year’s festival. Showing everyone just what she’s made of, Alessia had every audience member hypnotized by her performance. She was even deemed Best Future Headliner by the Rolling Stone Magazine.


Via Andy Keilen for Rolling Stone

Recognized as the artist with the best use of platform, as deemed by the Rolling Stone Magazine, Vic Mensa delivered a powerful performance. Touching on current political issues and making a grandiose statement on stage, Vic both empowered and astonished the crowd with his energy and passion.


Via Andy Keilen for Rolling Stone

Vince Staples, another artist recognized by the Rolling Stone Magazine for having the best crowd, also wowed Lollapalooza attendees. Vince showing off his lively and energetic personality put on a show that had concert-goers going crazy.



Via Lucy Hewett for Billboard 

Jahkoy proved to crowds that he is definitely one to look out for. He made quite the impression while introducing his R&B/pop style of music to the masses, making him an artist worth remembering.

It seems that Lollapalooza was full of shining moments for many of our artists, and that’s only a small indicative of what they bring to the table. Those summertime concerts we all love so much may be ending soon, but the incredible performances and music we crave are here to stay.


Written by Samantha Agostino 



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