Dave East - Change of Plans

No more than five minutes after entering the Bronx’s historic Gauchos Gym, Dave East already looks back at home. He’s pulled off a full black sweatsuit to reveal a No. 45 Michael Jordan jersey—the one MJ wore, fittingly, for this situation, when he returned to the game from an absence. East rises from the bleachers and grabs a ball—palming, rubbing and pounding it. Reacquainting himself.

He steps up to the line and pulls up for a pair of free throws. Swish. Swish. He steps a few feet back, behind the arc, because it’s clear he walked in warm. Swish.

A few more fluid jumpers, a couple dunks, and you’re left marveling at how some people are simply very good. At things. Multiple things.

That’s surely the case for Dave East. These few minutes give a glimpse at the skills that led him to become AAU teammates with the likes of Kevin Durant and Michael Beasley, and later earned him a Division I scholarship. But throw on his most recent mixtape, September’s Kairi Chanel, and you’ll realize the same thing Nas and Def Jam have: That his second career is, somehow, even more promising than his first. And yet, there was a time—most of his life, in fact–where rap wasn’t even on the radar.



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