Crash Landing: AOE Is Ready To Represent The Future

Crash Landing: AOE Is Ready To Represent The Future 

Here at Ones To Watch, we value the musical risk takers. Ambassadors of Earth (AOE) embody that sentiment. Comprised of singer/songwriter Phil Beaudreau and Grammy-award winning producer Dawuan Parker, AOE has just released one of the most innovative albums of the year. Bringing their separate careers together is symbolic of the various genres (R&B, jazz, folk, rap, & rock) that they bring together on their debut EP Homecoming.

I got some time to talk to the duo about their origins, forming a musical chemistry, how to define “experimental” music, and more! Read the full interview below.

OTW: Where did the name Ambassadors of Earth (AOE) come from?

Phil Beaudreau: It happened pretty soon after we met. We were talking about our own philosophies with music and realized that we aligned on a lot of different ideas musically, politically, and socially. We felt we needed a name that represented our beliefs. We thought it would be great for our goal to be the real ambassadors of earth. We would be able to represent our music, our art, and the people with as broad of a brush as possible.

Dawaun Parker: It’s also something we aspire to live up to. To be someone the youth chooses to represent the best and the worst of us.

You guys see eye-to-eye on so many things outside of music. How do you think that affects your musical chemistry? Is it just easier to create or did you guys have to work really hard to get to where you are now?

Phil: I think the reason the group came together so quickly was because we have a real natural bond. We’re both from Providence, Rhode Island. We both went to Berklee. But we had never really connected until we met in LA. When we got together though, we realized that we listened to so much of the same music and shared similar inspirations. And that was something I wasn’t seeing a lot of the time with other people that I had been working with. Right off the bat, we listened to old jazz records and a gazillion other things. He opened my mind up to modern hip-hop. It was pretty exciting to learn something new.

What kind of sound are you guys trying to create?

Phil: We want to create an environment where we can be creative without worrying too much about a destination or a product specifically in mind. Putting us both together is already an experiment (laughs). We’re just trying our hardest to put out our best work going forward. We want to collaborate in ways that aren’t obvious like putting Dilla with Elliot Smith.

Dawaun: We don’t really talk much about what we want the music to do before we create it. We make sure we’re continuing to find ways to be true to ourselves while also trying to make stuff that’s relatable. At the end of the day, we want to contribute to music and the culture. That’s something that I’ve always wanted to do personally and I know collectively we’ve made that our goal.

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