Congratulations To YG ! "Left Right" Is Gold!!

YG has a new plaque coming his way. The Compton rapper’s critically acclaimed album, My Krazy Life, has officially been certified gold.

The project has sold more than 500,000 copies according to the RIAA. This is a great achievement for the “Left, Right” MC as he preps for the release of his follow-up LP, Still Krazy.

One major change for YG is the move away from his former go-to producer DJ Mustard. This time around, YG is working on a g-funk sound with the help of Terrace Martin. The producer recently spoke to Billboard about his work with YG and legendary jazz artist Herbie Hancock.

“They both stretch my brain — YG works on a whole different schedule, where he doesn’t work that long, but he works more intensely,” Martin told said. “They both are challenging, and I love a challenge — I don’t think you can grow without a challenge. YG has grown — he has his own things he wants to do now. He knows how he wants things to sound. Working with him is a challenge because he’s so into the funk element. Can’t be jazz funk — it’s gotta be funky for him.”

Martin feels like his work with Herbie Hancock is helping him in his production work for YG.

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