Common Rewrites Black American Story with Twitter During Q&A

In light of the recent tragic events surrounding police brutality, the ongoing struggle for change and overall frustration with the election process, COMMON continues to use his platform and celebrity for a purpose and Twitter was one of the unique ways he implemented this tactic.

Staying  true to themes and subject matter of “Black America Again,” the Oscar-award winner and hip hop legend stepped into the Twitter offices on Thursday (9/29) while on his promotional run to host a very special Twitter Q&A, appropriately titled #AskCOMMON.

Engaging, thought-provoking and deep, COMMON answered as many questions as he could from fans, followers and listeners who not only had thoughts on his new record  “Black America Again,” but views on how to impact change, decrease police brutality, increase community activism, and eliminate racism.  

Check out more of COMMON’s #ASKCOMMON replies below. "Black America Again" avaialble now: 





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