Brenda Mada Drops Debut 'House Party' Music Video

One of our newest artists Brenda Mada just dropped her debut music video for ‘House Party.’ Boasting, “I look like I’m 21,” this talented tri-lingual, Belgian beauty is only 18 years old. Mada’s been putting in work, which you can tell by glancing at the countless covers on her Youtube page

When Mada relocated to the states she felt restricted not being able to go out like teenagers in Europe, where 16 year-olds are considered adults. In response to the age restrictions she decided to start throwing her own parties and we all know house parties are a cherished American past time. The slow-paced pop/r&b track is complimented by Mada’s sweet raspy, hypnotic voice. This low-key lit anthem will have you wanting to stay in and party with your squad rather than hitting the clubs. Check out her debut music video for ‘House Party’ posted above and click here to purchase.



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