Boombox: Desiigner Taps Gucci Mane for the Catchy New Single ‘Liife’ [LISTEN]

On his new song “Liife,” featuring Gucci ManeDesiigner proves once again that he’s a skilled hook writer, capable of pulling in the listener with infections melodies — just like he did on cuts like “Timmy Turner” and “Holy Ghost.”

The Brooklyn rapper also gets a little more lyrical on the new track and does a stellar job of meshing his pop styled chorus with energetic, gritty raps. Of course, Gucci doesn’t disappoint either, and his laid back delivery is a nice contrast to Desiigner’s fast paced flow.

“Everybody rooting for the underdog  / But when you on the top they want to see you fall / But f— ’em all, I put my back against the wall / They hate to see you ball / They wanna see a n—- crawl / Shout out to Desiigner, he be killin’ sh– / You gotta be a hater you not feeling it,” he spit over production from Taz Taylor and CashMoney AP.

Just a few days ago, the New York spitter released the video for his song “Outlet,” and over the weekend he appeared on Wiz Khalifa’s cut “X 4 X.” More than likely “Liife” will be on the new Life of Desiigner album.

You can listen to it below.

via Boombox.



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