Billboard Best New Music: Vince Staples “Big Fish”


From a new album by rap's gangsta godfather (Snoop Dogg) to a new track from one of the next generation's finest (Vince Staples), to debut solo singles from a boy band survivor and girl group veteran (Liam Payne and Camila Cabello, respectively), these are the best new releases we're spotlighting on Billboard this week.

Vince Staples, "Big Fish"

Vince Staples has made the dark and gritty summertime banger a centerpiece of his repertoire, and his Def Jam debut Summertime '06 was littered with the type of raw production that let his streetwise tales become the main attraction. His new track, "Big Fish" (listen here), is both in the same vein and wildly different, like taking the same approach to a situation but from an opposite angle. Its bouncy beat, crafted by production duo Christian Rich, pulls from old school Long Beach G-Funk but somehow keeps an edge to it, and Staples' flow bumps and bends along with it as he juxtaposes his former life with one of success. It's party music, which Staples has never been associated with, but it comes with a heft and a hint of malice that differentiates him from anyone else making music right now. If Vince Staples and YG are leading the West Coast funk-rap wave, we're in good hands. -- Dan Rys

via Billboard.




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